If you want to keep your blue hair, you're going to have to be a lot more hardcore than that.

The Declaration of Blue-Hairdom.

So here it is.

A declaration of things that I have promised to myself so many bloody times that the only way any of this will ever happen is if I write down a list and publish it all on the internet so anonymous faces can ruthlessly judge me until the peer pressure is so strong that I ultimately feel as if I am going to literarily explode if I do not complete the following tasks in a timely manner.

I have bright blue streaks in my hair, and it’s about time I started earning them.

Join me as I go about trying to “keep my blue”, and along the way maybe learn a new recipe… or two. (Rhyming for the win!)

The only question is… are you up to the challenge?


1.) Cook something.

It’s been a while since I’ve chopped up more than three things and tossed them into a pan. Hell, I can’t remember the last time I made myself a decent home cooked meal that I hadn’t made at least 100000000 times in the past. I’m bored of what I know how to cook and am desperate to learn a few new tricks. Not only do I need to find time to cook or bake something that doesn’t come out of a box, but I need to expand my mental cookbook. I’m a vegetarian who hates eggs and is cutting out dairy as much as possible. (Awww yeahh.) There’s only so long one can call hummus and carrots dinner.


– Cook or bake at least two things during the week. More so if there is a free weekend. Photograph and blog evidence/recipes.

– Learn a new recipe every week.


2.) Play something.

I have an awful habit of pushing my guitar aside the moment I start working long hours. I always complain that I don’t have enough time, or I’m too tired or mentally drained to pluck out a scale. But this, my friends, is a lie. I am just lazy. And being shy about my playing while living amongst three other people (who have told me on multiple occasions that they want to hear me play/sing more) can no longer be an excuse not to play. So here’s the deal: I need to play. A little every day. One song at least. Master it. Get my scales down. Pick up the uke and learn another song and strumming pattern. When I was unemployed, though my cabin fever had what was left of my brain matter splattered all over the walls, I played so much damn guitar that my fingers bled- literally. If I want to start lessons again, I’m going to need to get my dedication back.
Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to listen to the newest thing I’m working on once a week.


Learn or master a new song every week on guitar or ukelele. It can be simple or complicated.

– Record said song. Post.

3.) Art something.

Along with my music, my personal art collection drastically dwindles when I have a job. The camera I used to always have by my side lays in it’s case for weeks to months on end, begging to be used. My pencils, sharpies, and paints go untouched. I rarely even decide to edit old photographs or videos just for the sake of it. I don’t sketch. I don’t shoot or edit. I don’t even collage or scrapbook. It gets bad, and it’s about time that it stopped. For the love of Demeter, I didn’t go through two years of dealing with overly pretentious art school students and teachers just to prove everyone right.

I am lucky enough to live with three gorgeous women who would model for me in a heartbeat, even slightly intoxicated at one in the morning. And besides, if I start getting my passion for photography back, I may be inclined to spend that extra overtime money on some desperately needed equipment.


– Start carrying camera more places. Photograph new things.

– Doodle, sketch, remember how to draw.

– At least once every two weeks, post a new art… thing.


4.) Lose something.

I am the first person to stand up and be: LOVE YOUR BODY THE WAY IT IS, DAMMIT.

I am also the first person to freak out when I find out I may be eating beaver anal gland juice. (Seriously, HOW IS THAT LEGAL?)

In other words, I believe above all in body positivity, and in not eating additives in food that give you cancer (or are just plain DISGUSTING).

My Ex (oh yeah, you’re about to get a story from the EX files), was very into eating healthy and exercising. When I was with him, we’d often go on hikes, do couple based workouts, and try different eating habits such as “raw till dinner” (or at least lunch), and drinking green juice in the morning. I felt great and, more importantly, not cheated. I ate what I wanted. Simple as that. Just what I wanted was usually really beneficial for my body.

However, with him not in my life and my time so crunched by work that I have accidentally called it my home on multiple occasions (scariest thing EVER), every time the voices in my head say: Let’s work out! My body goes: No. Sleep. Now. and easily wins the argument.

I’m lucky in the fact that my job has me running up and down flights of stairs and carrying heavy things for eight hours, so my legs and arms are getting more defined. But with all the good, there is a huge bad- and that’s mindless snacking. Working in a kitchen gives me access to sweets upon processed foods upon starches that I sometimes just eat out of boredom… and my metabolism, along with my stomach, has seen better days.


– Eat more consciously. Pay attention to what snacks I’m reaching for. Eat less processed foods. Pay attention to what is in my food.

– Do more yoga.

– Have a simple, but effective workout that I can easily do at the gym or in my own living room.

So, people of the world who happen to stumble upon this little blog, it’s up to you to hold me to this promise. If I don’t update in a while, question why. If I curse you out for being too needy, just remind me that I wanted to do this, so I only have myself to blame. If you happen to live with me (here’s looking at you current and past roommates), push me into the kitchen and don’t let me come out until something delicious is created.

The fate of the blue streaks in my hair is in your hands.

Are you ready?


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