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Potato and Leek Soup! (Food item of the week #2)


It’s no secret- I love leeks. Put them with potatoes and we have a real (and inexpensive!) winner.

I have been saying for at least a year that I have to start making my own soups. I start craving them at odd points, but every time I go to reach for a hardy can of vegetarian-friendly soup, the sodium content makes me wince, debate in my head if I’d rather get my sodium intake for the day with soup rather than load of french fries (hint: the load of french fries), and then, with a sigh, place it back on the shelf and leave the grocery store soup-less. (I know, I know, the world’s smallest violin is playing.)

Well, today is not that day. Today, we make our own soup!

I found this recipe on: ohdeardrea.

You’ll need:

Leeks: About 2 to 3 large ones.

Potatoes: 2-3 medium.  (I used yukon gold and kept the skins on.)

Garbanzo beans: however many you’d like!

Butter (Or Earth Balance for you vegans out there): About two tablespoons.

Nutritional yeast: 1/3 cup (I did not have this, but the recipe says it’s super good!)

Salt and pepper

Water or stock (I used water.)

Once again, for the directions on how to make this soup, head over to her blog here!


– I love the idea of adding chick peas to the soup! I had a bag of them laying around and boiled some up especially for this dish.

– I also added a little bit of olive oil (about a table spoon?) to the leeks while they were cooking down with the butter.


– Okay, okay, you caught me. I added some  a lot of garlic. Blame my ancestry, not me.

– I didn’t get a chance to make some vegetable stock today, so I just used water and added some thyme to the soup to compensate. I would suggest adding herbs that are usually found in stock (like thyme, basil leaf, parsley, etc.) if you’re using water to bump up the flavor.

– Also: Nutritional Yeast?! I’ve never heard of it. Has anyone cooked with it before?


I never thought it would be so simple and inexpensive to make a really wonderful soup- but it is! It was full of leek-y goodness and the garlic added a little kick! I have plenty of left overs to last me the next couple days. Next time, I’m going to make it with some vegetable broth to see how the flavor differs- and maybe try it pureed!

All in all, as my co-worker would say: This. I want it in my mouth. Now.



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