If you want to keep your blue hair, you're going to have to be a lot more hardcore than that.

It’s 7:30AM, where are my home fries?

I know. I’m sorry.

Moving on.

The past few weeks have flown by in a whirl of work, hiking, and testosterone. Housing two more people in my already cramped apartment proved to be ridiculously fun, but it also got me used to waking up every morning to the sound of my little coffee maker brewing steadily on, and the smell of spicy home fries sizzling on the stove.

I. Was. Spoiled.

Now that the boys are gone, and my empty nest syndrome has kicked in (I know how you feel now, mum.), I have to get back in the kitchen and keep true to the blue.

Let’s start with some of my Mum’s Home Fries, shall we?


Off topic: Why is Trader Joe’s so adorable?

I promise you, this is one hell of an easy recipe. Even if you are dreadfully hung over to the point that the sound of the refrigerator humming makes you wince, you’ll be able to make these.

You’ll Need (for 1 hardy serving):

– Two potatoes. (I used Gold Potatoes, but please feel free to use Russet, Red, or whatever you have on hand.)

– Olive Oil

– 3-5 cloves of Garlic

– Pinch of Salt

– Black Pepper

– Oregano

And that’s it! Seriously!

… Okay, okay. If you would like to get fancy (or use up some of that produce rotting in your fridge), take my word and add:

– Leeks (Don’t be afraid to use the really green end!)

– Spanish or Red Onions

– Cayenne Powder (a pinch) or Chili Powder if you like it spicy.

– Avocados


How To Make Mum’s Famous Home Fries (With A Marina DelRey Twist):

1. Prepare your ingredients. Potatoes. Garlic. Onions. The kitchen sink. Etc.

Here’s the secret: I don’t care how you cut your potatoes. Short, long, thin, chunky, what have you. As long as they are all about the same width, they will cook evenly and you won’t end up with half raw/half cooked home fries…. unless you like that kind of thing. This time around, I happened to cut mine into quarters and then sliced them into thin triangular-like chunks.

2. Coat a frying pan or skillet with a thin layer of Olive Oil. Turn on the stove and let it heat slightly.
3. Add potatoes to the pan and stir, making sure the olive oil lightly coats the potatoes.
4. Add garlic, onions, and leeks
5. Add your spices! Some pepper, a pinch of salt, oregano, cayenne or chili power (if you’d like a little kick!)
6. Mix all that goodness together on medium heat.
7. Cover pan with a lid. Let sizzle.
8.  Every five minutes or so, check on the potatoes, flipping the mixture over with a spatula  until the potatoes are slightly (or extremely, depending on your preference/patience) crispy.

9. Spoon into a large bowl, place some avocados on top, grab your cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy!



– I wish I could give you exact measurements of the spices I used… but I’m Italian. We really don’t believe in the concept of teaspoons.

– What about the potato skins, you say? Love them or hate them, they are super good for you. Keep them on!

– Not spicy enough? Add some hot sauce to the finished product!


I may be a little biased… but trust me on this one. Whether you like it simple or with everything, crispy or soft, spicy or plain, you will love these home fries.

– Plus, imagine the look on the person you are trying to woo’s face when you just pull this recipe out of your back pocket and make their morning a whole lot more special. You’re welcome.


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