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Vegetable Stock Tips, Tricks, and a Soba Noodle Dish!

Oh Vegetable Stock, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?


Thou art not as pretty as one, but you certainly are tastier.

You’ll need (for the stock):





Olive oil

Cold Water

Spices such as: bay leaf, parsley, thyme, kosher salt, pepper corns (ground black pepper works fine too!), oregano, etc.

– The amount of each vegetable is really up to you and how much stock you want in the end. As my co-worker would say: Just do what feels right.

I found some AWESOME tips on how to make stellar vegetable broth from a carnivore who willingly (or not) became a vegetarian for month. It also comes free with a fantastic soba noodle recipe. Read, Utilize, Repeat at StoneSoup located here!

– The stock should last about a week in the refrigerator, and around two months in the freezer.

For the Soba Noodle Dish:
1 1/2 cups vegetable stock
Soba Noodles
3 heads baby bok choy (No bok choy? Don’t fret-
Chili flakes (optional)
Soy Sauce to taste.


– What I love about vegetable stock is once you have the basic ingredients (carrots, celery, and onion) you can basically stick the kitchen sink (made with soy) in the pot and come out with a pretty decent stock. After browning my aromatics (chopped finely!) for about ten to fifteen minutes, I added garlic and spices (thyme, oregano, pepper, kosher salt, bay leaves, and some red pepper flakes), some leek tops, and then filled the pot half way with cold water.

– I brought this mixture up to a very slow boil, keeping my stove top at medium heat. Once it had boiled for about five minutes, I turned it down to a simmer. In total, I probably had the mixture on the stove for about three hours.

– Just keep tasting, my friends.


– I really don’t know why I kept putting this recipe off for so long except for maybe not having the proper time to cook it (I’m looking at you work). But now I have some delicious vegetable stock saved in my fridge (and freezer) to use for the myriad of cooking adventures I will be having in the very near future.




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