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Can we talk about what I just made? (Garbage Plate)

Because, we really need to talk about what I just made. (And isn’t that why you stop by here anyway?)

I haven’t had the chance to really cook at home for a while. With my work schedule constantly changing, and my hours (willingly) increasing, I think the last thing I made in the kitchen was a set of scrambled eggs for my roommate’s birthday… a week and a half ago. It was time for a decent meal, and with the desire to eat all of my food before it goes bad lingering in my heart, I collected the various vegetables and fruits and decided… to wing it. 

Before we start, a little lesson on Western New York.

In a city called Rochester, an idea was born. Put every thing you love on a plate, name it the American word for rubbish, and call it a delicious day. And thus, the Garbage Plate was born. I personally have not had one of these incredible concoctions, as I lived a bit far too west and north to take a casual ride down there, but as I started throwing things together, I couldn’t help but think that the best thing to call… this… thing… was a:

(Don’t Let The Name Scare You) Vegan Garbage Plate


The recipe below is what I used, but again, it’s a Garbage Plate– feel free to use whatever you have in your refrigerator! Also, in honor of the hodgepodge-ness of this plate, I will stray from my usual pattern of writing recipes.


– In a pot with about a 1/4 cup of water, put some kale, beet roots, and broccoli. Cover the pot and steam the vegetables until tender.

– While you wait for that to cook, cut one potato into thin slices (I used Golden Potatoes), and cut into nice bite sized pieces.

– Slice a half of an onion.

– Chop one tomato. (I happened to have some Romas on hand, but feel free to use whatever- I have a feeling sundried tomatoes would be amazing in this.)

– Meanwhile, in a skillet, add olive oil and three to four cloves of garlic. Add the potato, onion, and tomato, some black pepper, kosher salt, chili powder, fresh parsley, and basil. Mix the ingredients together on medium heat.

– Once the vegetables from the other pot are steamed to your definition of perfection, add them directly to the skillet. Mix them together with the other ingredients.

– Taste test! Add more spices if necessary.

– Once everything is integrated, and the potatoes are just tender (Geeze, I can’t get enough of that word today, can I?), take off the heat and plate. At this point, it is appropriate to add some hot sauce. Preferably, -and this could be the Western New Yorker in me talking- Frank’s Hot Sauce.

– Prepare to eat this dish so quickly that by the time you go to take a picture of it… it’s too late.


I was going to text a few friends about this discovery when I thought: Pfft. Why ruin their Saturday when I have a blog!

… I need to get out of the house more.



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