If you want to keep your blue hair, you're going to have to be a lot more hardcore than that.

Vegetable Stock Tips, Tricks, and a Soba Noodle Dish!

Oh Vegetable Stock, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art not as pretty as one, but you certainly are tastier. You’ll need (for the stock): Carrots Celery … Continue reading

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You Always Hurt The One You Love (Cover)

If you have ever seen Blue Valentine, I’m sorry. (Covered the Ryan Gosling version. Originally written and composed by Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher)

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It’s 7:30AM, where are my home fries?

I know. I’m sorry. Moving on. The past few weeks have flown by in a whirl of work, hiking, and testosterone. Housing two more people in my already cramped apartment … Continue reading

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Chili Roasted Chick Peas (Awww yeah.)

[Side note: Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Strangely enough, my work has been practically throwing food at me. Random cashiers over the phone have brought me free meals … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Chai Tea Buttercream Frosting (And yes, it’s vegan too!)

Confession time: I came across this recipe years ago, made it once, loved it, and then never touched it again. But today my boss looked at me and said: “Hey, … Continue reading

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Potato and Leek Soup! (Food item of the week #2)

It’s no secret- I love leeks. Put them with potatoes and we have a real (and inexpensive!) winner. I have been saying for at least a year that I have … Continue reading

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I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Cover) -Song of the week-

What are you doing? Okay, I have to admit: This is the part of my list that gives me the most anxiety. I don’t know why, but singing and playing … Continue reading

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